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"There is a Leader inside U"

With our unmatched approach, Leader Nu is a formidable force and the emerging leader in Leadership Development.

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Are you making any of these mistakes?

Are you a leader who is conceptually interested in others but doesn't make time to "bond" with people?

Do you assign tasks and walk away with a completely hands off approach abandoning your people?
Do you focus exclusively on driving the achievement of company goals and in that push deny the inherent human need to learn?

Do you ignore the truth about your employees achievments and effectivness and thereby rob them of the key to their future?
Are you a leader who encourages people to stay in the safety zone or play not to lose?

Are you a leader who doesnt drive change putting their companies in grave danger?
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Award Winning Insight

At the Leader NU Development Center we have 3 levels of courses that are a lifechanging experience and tap into a dramatic improvement of home, life and work balance.

Aspiring Leaders (Day 1 to 3 Years)
Our Tactical Blueprint is the perfect way to help you and your business grow into the future.
Foundational (3 to 5 Years)
Our courses are taught by top level faculty that allows students to maximize their potential.
Transformational (3 to 5+ Years)
We provide students with processes and techniques to become transformational leaders.
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Help Others Lead With Confidence

Are you a superior communicator, proactive and strategic?

Leadership comes in all different shapes and sizes. Just as people have varied personalities, work practices, traits and habits, these differences translate into multiple leadership styles. When you become a Leader Nu Guide you will be sharing your unique leadership strengths and abilities with bright eager students.

As a Guide you walk students through the leadership development process. You will offer Assessments, Resume Writing, Interview Coaching and a Road Map which is developed and managed with our assistance.


You can't afford to lose
A fundamental part of overcoming business failure is rooted in the mindset you have. It begins with a flexible and positive attitude and a willingness to change. Without change, our organizations, like all organisms, wither and ultimately die.
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Finally Find Success

We provide an endless arm of resources backed by reputable data. This coursework leads to smart decision making and will benefit individuals and companies in countless ways.

Business Funding

Guaranteed “Access To Capital” With No Up Front cost, we can help any small business; regardless of personal credit or time in business raise at least $100,000.00!