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Become Developer


Become a Developer/Trainer

Certifications (3 Levels) LEVEL I - LEVEL II - LEVEL III

$1299 Certification Package or $499 per Certification Level

Work from Home/ Our Office – 1099


Once Certified affiliate/graduate has the ability to use LNU Institute materials and online portal to manage clients. Also has access to Development Facilities for client development.

The Leader NU Institute focuses on Life and Leadership Development. Our workshops are interactive and designed to encourage critical thinking! Our foundation is based on the Shelby Principles; a Continuous Growth Cycle for building relations.

Certification Levels are based on skills of delivers and ability to create content. Levels also dictate which Life and Leadership development workshops a graduate can deliver and which material they have access to.

Example. A Level I Certified Developer may have as much access as a Level III, but NOT vice versa. (Final decisions are up to the Leader NU Institute Leadership.)