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Leadership Guidance Membership

The Leader NU Is The Guiding Light

Our Tactical Blueprint is the perfect way to help you and your business grow into the future. We have created a solution that will allow you to work smarter, not harder. After our coursework, we can create a plan based on any weaknesses we find so that you can overcome any hurdles in your way. Your Blueprint will also be hyper-focused on your priorities so that you can do more of what you love and maximize your life potential.

Our Family and Professional Developers are superior communicators, proactive and strategic. We provide an endless arm of resources backed by reputable data. This coursework leads to smart decision making and will benefit individuals and companies in countless ways. Leadership Workshops are 3 Levels, including: Aspiring Leaders are day 1 to 3 years, Foundational are 3 to 5 years, and Transformational are 3 - 5+ years. Learn more.

Two Positions within the organization.

Guides – Coaches/Planners and Developers /Trainers

Guides – Career / Life-Family


Use Project management tools to layout a Long term and Short term plan. Plan can be accessed and updated by individual/Guide or both based on the Membership Level of the client.

Bases on the 4 W’s of Life Coaching


Client Membership


Free – Online assessment / Newsletters / Blogs


Level I - $99 Annually (One Time)

Same as Free

Access to Project management tools

5% Discount on Services


Level II – $199 Annually ($99 down/$10 month – 10 Months)

Same as Level I

Monthly Auto-email / text updates

5% Discount on Services


Guide Involvement

Level III - $599 Annually ($199 down/ $30 month – 10 Months)

Same as Level II

Personal Guide 2X a month check in. Email


Level IV - $1199 Annually ($299 Down / $90 month – 10 Months)

Same as Level III

Personal Project update 2X a month

Personal Guide Check in Phone call. (30 minutes)


Level V - $2,399 Annually ($399 Down / $200 month – 10 Months)

Full Service

Weekly Check in Phone/Email

1 Hour Check in Once a Month

1 Free Planning Service – Interview/Resume/ or ½ Priced Level 1 or 2 Development workshop.